Frederick starts with 100 rupees. He loses one rupee every 8th step, except while in peaceful areas.
He turns into a ghost if his rupee count reaches 0. He can revive by collecting more rupees.
While he is a ghost he can walk on water and lava and is only able to use a base dagger and lute.
If he takes any damage while he is a ghost, he dies.

Starting Area

Frederick start in front of the Sheikah Stone outside of Links house.

Unlock condition

Purchase the Cadence of Hyrule Character Pack.


Fredericks unique weapon type is rapier.

Rapier zelda
2 damage (1 if adjacent to an enemy) and lunges you forward 1.


Location: Starting Area

Vocal Blast frederick
Press button_r to emit a burst of song, knocking back and confusing all adjacent enemies. Consumes stamina.

Location: 2nd Cadence Cave

Rupee Toss frederick
Press button_l to toss a blue rupee in a straight line, dealing damage and piercing through enemies. Costs
5 rupees to use.


Instead of being able to purchase items at his shops, he can leave items there for sale.
The items will sell after waiting a bit.

As a replacement for the dungeon shop key, a small key is placed inside of a wall instead.
NOTE: It seems like there might be a generation issue which makes it so that the key isn’t added sometimes.

The Telescope can be found in a red chest behind some dirt in Links house.

This increases the exploration range in your overworld map, revealing more adjacent screens for you to see.