Impa has a passive ability which allows her to teleport behind an attacking enemy, avoiding damage.
It requires a full stamina meter to activate.

Starting Area

Impa start in front of the Sheikah Stone outside of Links house.

Unlock condition

Purchase the Cadence of Hyrule Character Pack.


Impa starts with a spear and cannot use other weapon types.

Has 2 range and deals
1 damage.


Impa starts with her button_r ability.
A side-effect of this is that she never collect the button_r ability in the starting area.
As a result, other characters won’t have their button_r abilities during the Ganon fight.

Spear Strafe impa
Hold button_r to hold out Impa's spear, then use button_left_stick to move. Deals an additional
1 damage to enemies hit by the tip.

Location: 2nd Cadence Cave

Naginata Charge impa
Press button_l to lunge forward one space, hitting enemies in a straight line up to 3 spaces ahead. Consumes stamina.


The infused dagger chests contain 3 bombs instead.

The Telescope can be found in a red chest behind some dirt in Links house.

This increases the exploration range in your overworld map, revealing more adjacent screens for you to see.