Octavo is only available in version 1.1.0 onwards.

Ganon is replaced with The NecroDancer when Octavo is present.

Unlock condition

Clear Story Mode.

Story Mode

Octavo has his own story mode, Octavo’s Ode.
You cannot unlock other characters and you do not have to beat Kakariko Crypt.

Starting Area

Octavo starts inside of a fortune teller’s hut.
The location of the hut is random.


Octavo starts with Golden Lute and cannot use any other weapons.

Golden Lute
The legendary Golden Lute can damage enemies adjacent to you while you move. Deals more damage to beings of pure evil.


Location: 1st Cadence Cave

Octavo to move without following the beat for a short time.

Location: 2nd Cadence Cave

Launches three magic fireballs in the direction you are facing.

Location: 4th Cadence Cave

Octavo's Locket
Gives immunity to wind and electrical damage. A prized heirloom, this locket was passed down through Octavo's family for generations.


The Golden Lute is also an inventory item, replacing the regular Lute.