Yves only has 1 heart container.
Additional heart containers are ignored when playing as Yves in story mode.
In single-character mode all heart containers are replaced with regular hearts.

Unlock condition

Turn in 20 Deku Seeds to Tingle in Lost Woods.
You have to unlock Yves once to be able to use him in Single-Character Mode.

Starting Area

Yves start in front of the Sheikah Stone outside of Links house.


Yves cannot use any weapons and instead bonk enemies, dealing 1 damage.


Location: Starting area

Burrow yves
Press button_r to burrow underground, becoming immune to all damage.

Location: 2nd Cadence Cave

Deku Spit yves
Press button_l to shoot a deku seed projectile straight ahead.


Yves may only use the following inventory items:

  • Bombs
  • Bombchus
  • Lute
  • Tingle’s Dowser
  • Bottles
  • Scrolls