Starting Area

Zelda starts in her bedroom, located in the north-east Hyrule Castle tower.
This area is only accessible when starting as zelda, adding a Sheikah Stone as well as a bridge to the bridge.

Zelda’s Balcony makes traveling to Hyrule Castle Vault much quicker, and allows for things such as Wrong Warp Barrier Skip in co-op.


Zeldas unique weapon type is rapier.

Rapier zelda
2 damage (1 if adjacent to an enemy) and lunges you forward 1.


Location: Starting area

Nayru's Love zelda
Use with button_r to reflect or block projectiles and damage depending on your timing, at the cost of stamina.

Location: 2nd Cadence Cave

Din's Fire zelda
Press button_l to create a fireball. Use it again to detonate the fireball, dealing damage to adjacent squares, at the cost of stamina.

Location: 3rd Cadence Cave

Shield Technique
Link or Cadence to attack while holding shield. Allows Zelda to hold Nayru's Love over multiple beats.


You receive the Telescope by talking to Impa in the starting area.

This increases the exploration range in your overworld map, revealing more adjacent screens for you to see.