Wizzroboe is the boss of Frozen Grotto.

1F Skip

You can skip 1F with Iron Boots and Glass Slippers since they prevent you from sliding on the ice.
You can also use Hover Boots to hover across from the heart piece platform.

Pot Throw

By throwing a pot and progressing the slide before the pot lands & breaks, you’re able to collide with it and stop on the ice.
Repeatedly pressing glove after the throw allows you to progress the beats at an unlimited speed, unlike most other methods which are still bound to the fixed-beat speed.

If you have trouble mashing fast enough, you could try pause-buffering instead:

Power Glove (Ice Block)

As of version 1.0.2 you have to use the glove to grab the ice block while in front of the entrance to stop on the ice.

Optimal movement:

  1. Grab the upper ice block and pull it to the left
  2. Walk around the ice block and get onto the slab
  3. Push lower ice block down, and then to the right

TODO: Record a clip of optimal movement.

Pegasus Anklet

Spear Strafe

Ghost Freddy

While Freddy is a ghost, he hovers over ice and as such is able to skip 1F.

Cane of Somaria