General Info

A list of all achievements in the game.

Warm-Up Act
Defeat one of Octavo's champions
Someone's Awakening
Awaken a sleeping companion
Defeat 4 enemies with a single arrow
Shocking Developments
Defeat 5 enemies at once with electricity
Hale and Hearty
Have 16 heart containers
Expansive Repertoire
Collect all A/B/X/Y items and permanent upgrades
Eight Sharps
Find all 8 unique weapons in a single playthrough
Use Down Thrust on 3 consecutive enemies
Master Angler
Catch a golden fish
Hot Feet
Swim in lava
Deal 6 damage to an enemy with a single hit
Defeat the shopkeeper
Bee Bop
Defeat any boss with a bee getting the final hit
Flawless Performance
Defeat any boss without getting hit or missing a beat
The Eye of Gohma
Defeat Gohmaracas using only a bow and arrows
Hot Beats
Defeat Wizzroboe using only the Fire Rod
Cool Riffs
Defeat Bass Guitarmos Knights using only the Ice Rod
Defeat Gleeokenspiel using only bombs and bombchus
The King of Evil
Defeat Ganon
Complete the game in Permadeath Mode
Complete the game in Permadeath Mode in under 1 hour without using Fixed-Beat Mode or Dungeon Mode
No Steps Wasted
Complete the game in less than 5,000 steps without using Dungeon Mode
Unarmed and Dangerous
Complete the game in Permadeath Mode using only Yves
Complete the game without picking up any permanent items except a base dagger or short sword
Sight Reading
Complete a daily challenge
Turn It Down
Complete the game with the music volume set to 0 without using Fixed-Beat Mode
7/4 Time
Defeat 7 enemies within 4 beats
Major Key
Have 9 keys at once
Lonely Digging
Dig out every diggable tile on a dungeon floor
Falling Down
Defeat a miniboss by pushing it into a hole
Freeform Jazz
Complete the game in Fixed-Beat Mode in under 30 minutes without using Dungeon Mode
Complete the game in Double-Time Mode
Hasters Gonna Haste
As Octavo, defeat 10 enemies during a single cast of Haste
What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Conga
Defeat any boss while the Shrine of Conga is active
Classic Mode
Complete the game in Dungeon Mode
Come Reign or Shrine
Complete the game in Permadeath Dungeon Mode, activating at least 5 shrines along the way
As Impa, complete the game without performing any regular weapon attacks
Capital Gains
As Frederick, collect 500 rupees
The Lowest of the Low%
As Aria, complete the game in Permadeath Dungeon Mode without using any A/B/X/Y items
16-Bit Party People
Complete All-Characters Mode
Deal damage to two Dobongo enemies on the same beat
Friendly Fire
Defeat King Dobongo without dropping any of your own bombs or bombchus.
Lightning Strikes Twice
Defeat Synthrova using only lightning arrows
Complete the game without fighting any of the four champions.
(Not including Symphony of the Mask.)
As Skull Kid, defeat an enemy using each of the 6 mask abilities within 50 beats
Reach floor 25 in Arena Mode
Complete the game in Puzzle Mode in under 4000 steps
Complete the game in Permadeath Story Mode in under 90 minutes, while collecting all 6 instruments, without using Fixed-Beat Mode