General Info

The Coin Multiplier makes a return from the Crypt of the Necrodancer into Cadence of Hyrule. Despite the lack of coins it works similarly - rewarding you for keeping the rhythm.

The Multiplier starts at x1 and goes up to x3. You can increase the multiplier by defeating enemies. You can lose it when you miss the beat or take damage (includes self damage like running into a cactus).

Multiplier Levels

The triforce peice under the beat bars displays the current multiplier level.




Increasing the Multiplier

Defeating enemies without dropping the beat will increase the multiplier.

  • Defeat 1 enemy; then it increases from x1 to x2.
  • Defeat 4 more enemies (5 total); then it increases from x2 to the maximum of x3.

Dropping the beat

There’s a handful of ways to drop the beat and reset your Coin Multiplier.

  • Take Damage
  • Skip the beat
  • Do more than one action per beat
  • Move while sliding on ice
  • Load the game
  • Activate the Shrine of Conga

It’s unlikely, but sometimes you want to drop the beat. The fastest way tends to be pressing a direction twice in one beat.

Multiplier Effects

Increased Stamina Regeneration

The multiplier increases the amount of stamina gained per kill. The formula is 5 * Coin Multiplier.

x1 = 5%
x2 = 10%
x3 = 15%

Note: It’s 5%/10%/15% of a single stamina bar. Adding a second bar does not increase the regen rate

Improved Loot

The coin multiplier improves loot drops. For example, with a x1 multiplier a mushboom might drop a single bomb. But at x3, that mushboom will drop a 3-bomb pack instead.

This applies to the diamonds as well. With a x3 multiplier you’ll get 2 diamonds for clearing a screen instead of 1.

Obsidian Damage

Obsidian damage scales with the multiplier.

x1 = 1 damage
x2 = 2 damage
x3 = 3 damage

Flawless Boss Rewards

Defeating a boss without breaking your multiplier will give you a flawless Boss Reward: a choice between a Blue Chest, a Red Chest, and 5 Diamonds.

Edge Cases

Power Glove

The Power Glove has some special magic in them. Using the Glove will keep the beat, even if you lift nothing at all.

Which means you can use the Power Glove as a pseudo War Drum. Allowing you to stand still without dropping the beat. This is very useful when you have an obsidian weapon.

Item Fail

Failing to use an item does NOT drop the beat. It’s like a null or non-action instead of a bad/invalid one. Examples of item fail would be tring to use the bow when you’re quiver is empty. Or trying to use naryu’s love without enough stamina. This also includes using an empty item.

If you fail to use an item, you can still do something else. The timing is a little strict, you need to fail to use an item and then do something after (you can’t do 2 actions at the same time). This is useful to keep in mind when you’re running low on stamina, surrounded by enemies, and trying to use naryu’s love. Use naryu’s love early in the beat and then do something else when it fails.

The one exception as mentioned above is the Power Glove. Failing to lift still consumes the beat.

Ignoring the Beat

There’s a few times where you can ignore the beat and not drop it.

  • After you close the menu. This includes using the lute, then cancelling out.
  • After you enter a new screen.
  • When you’re charging the Pegasus Anklet or holding the Bow.

Sliding on Ice

Even though you can’t move while sliding on ice, you can still use items. This means you can save beats by doing 2 things at once, or you can perform some Frozen Grotto 1F skips.


  • Activate an Electric Scroll while sliding into the Wizzroboe fight.
  • Create a block with the Cane of Somaria to stop yourself.
  • Charge the Pegasus Anklet, turn, and release to dash off of the ice.
  • Naryu’s Love to protect yourself from enemies.
  • Pull out the Longsword to stop yourself early.