The cliffs biome is always along the north border.

Death Mountain

Death Mountain is a 3x2 sized POI within the Cliffs biome. It is the home of Temple of Storms.

There is a Cadence Cave at the main entrance of Death Mountain.

There is also a blue chest with an Obsidian Dagger, as well as a Heart Piece.

There is a hidden cave at the very center of the map behind the large waterfall.
The entrance is hidden behind a cliff next to two Armos.

ToS Shortcut

Within the cliff biome there is always a shortcut directly south of Temple of Storms.
It allows quicker access if certain conditions are met.

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Windmill Hut

Windmill Hut is always located directly south of Death Mountains centerpoint.
It has a Purple Chest which doesn’t require anything to reach.
It also has a music note puzzle which gives you Down Thrust.
Down Thrust location is randomized in Permadeath mode.

Windmill Maze

TODO: Add a clean clip of doing the maze without any items

With Power Glove