The gauntlets are numbered after their internal filenames, gauntlet01 through gauntlet05.
Gauntlets can be mirrored. When left or right is specified, it refers to their default orientation, as seen in the renders.

Gauntlet 1

Render of Gauntlet/gauntlet01

From Left - Spawn Displacement

Requires that you do not have flippers.
Since enemies block their adjacent tiles as well, it is easy to block all tiles except one twice to the right.

From Left - Din’s Fire

From Right - Glove and Bomb

Gauntlet 2

Render of Gauntlet/gauntlet02

Gauntlet 3

FIXME: The blue chest is supposed to be a Flawless chest, the render below is just inaccurate.

Render of Gauntlet/gauntlet03

From Right - Glove and 2 Bombs

Gauntlet 4

Added in version 1.1.0.

Render of Gauntlet/gauntlet04

Gauntlet 5

Added in version 1.1.0.

Render of Gauntlet/gauntlet05