Rat here! Check out this video I made about mapping dungeons. It covers the basics of finding them, tricks to reading the edges, and map generation rules.

On this page I’m going to highlight some of that information. Show some tricks and tips to finding your dungeons.

Temple of Storms

The front and back edges of ToS are super unique. Learn to recognize these and you’ll be able to find the dungeon without having to find the Windmill Hut.

Front Entrance

There’s a middle entrance with a river tile off to the side.

Back Entrance

Look for a middle entrance with a dark spot in it. That dark spot is a wind turbine

Cliff Edge Comparison

Procedurally generated cliff tiles have two possibilities for their top and bottom edges.

  1. Walls - solid gray line
  2. Gaps - a bunch of small gaps/walkways between cliffs

The front and back entrance of ToS look nothing like either of those.


Here you can see the edge of the front entrance.

Kakariko Village

You’ll want to learn the entrances/sides of the village. But the trick to finding Kakariko quickly is to look for a big tree in the corner of a tile.

Edges & Corners

Gauntlet Bait

You’ll need to keep in mind the Gauntlets. All of them have big trees in the corner.

That means if you see a big tree in the corner, you’ll need to double check it. If the Gauntlet could fit there, you’ll need to get closer. If not, it must be the Kakariko Village.

Note: A Gauntlet’s left/right entrances cannot be blocked. So, it cannot be next to the edge of the map.


Here we can see a big tree in the corner of a tile. We know a Gauntlet cannot be place there because one side would touching the edge of the map. That tile must be kakariko village.

If we move a little closer we can see the house Link is sleeping in.

Moving closer we can verify that, yes, that big tree we saw was Kakariko Village.

Lost Swamp

The Lost Swamp is usually on the 2nd or 9th row. Vary rarely it’s on the 3rd/8th row. This usually happens when it’s directly beneath the Windmill Hut or Gerudo Village. So you should narrow your search to those edges.

Lost Woods

Recognizing the edges of Lost Woods is a good place to start.

Lost Swamp Edges

You can also learn to recognize the left and top edges of the Lost Swamp. But NOT the right edge.

This is because forest trees are lopsided. There’s big trees on one side and small trees on the other.

Note: This method works best when Lost Swamp is on the right side of the world. You’ll find the small trees on the right edges of the map.


Here you can find Lost Swamp by looking for the small trees on the edges on the map.

Here you can find Lost Swamp by noticing the Lost Woods edges.

Gerudo Ruins

EZPZ. Look for the desert. Go to the corner of the map!

Frozen Grotto

Go south!