Use spawn displacement to spawn on a shallow water / ice / coal tile.
This will update your spawn point to be on this tile, even tho these tiles normally do not update your spawn point.
When you respawn the next time, the game will seemingly look for a bridge around the edge of the screen to spawn you on.
If it finds a bridge, you will spawn there instead (and causes spawn displacement if the bridge tile is occupied), otherwise it’ll use spawn displacement around your spawn point as usual.

Since this seemingly requires a bridge on a tile around the edge of the screen, it’s use is very limited.
It can however by done south of hyrule castle along the water, allowing you to quick travel from the left/right sides of the screen directly onto the bridge.
It can also be done from the Hyrule Castle vault. For example, you can enter vault with hover boots, then exit it, use ice rod in any direction, hover, pivot, place cane on vault entrance. You’ll respawn on the ice. drown again and you’ll get teleported down to the bridge in front of the castle.