Exclusive to version 1.1 through 1.5.

This allows you to start a co-op file without player 2 present, which also results in you not having the character they chose unlocked.
It is important to note that the save file still is flagged as having played co-op, meaning that the file will use the co-op leaderboards.

This glitch is used to perform World Shuffle.


  1. Enter co-op on any file
  2. Save and Quit while still in co-op
  3. Go to New Game 2P
  4. Before starting the file, unassign the controller of player 2
  5. Start Game
  6. When asked to assign two controllers, only assign one, then back out of the dialog
    If you didn’t save & quit while in co-op as mentioned in step 2, it will continue to ask for 2 controllers
    Otherwise you’ll hear the sound effect of player 2 being removed and it will will ask you to assign just 1 controller
  7. Assign a controller and continue

Player 2 Character

When you perform this glitch, the save file will not have the character of player 2 unlocked, if it was different from player 1.
However, if you start co-op again, Player 2 will still have their character assigned from the file creation, allowing you to play as it without it being unlocked.
If you interact with a Sheikah Stone at any point while in co-op, the game will realize that player 2 is using an unavailable character and swap it out.
You are not able to swap back to the initial player 2 at this point.