Exclusive to version 1.1.

Thanks to the broken fall logic in version 1.1, we’re able to walk in the air through various means.

When playing with beat you can run in the air for the duration of a single beat by using Haste or Boots of Speed.

In co-op (with beat) it’s possible to run in the air indefinitely with the use of Co-op Time Stop to prevent the game from ever progressing to the next beat.
As a result the fall logic never kicks in. Even without time stop you’re able to cross 1 tile gaps with two well timed inputs.

By performing any kind of sub-beat action (an action which does not progress the game to the next beat), such as Bow Cancel and Throw Cancel, you’re able to take knockback through different means.
Since those actions don’t progress the game to the next beat you will not fall, even if you get knocked into the air as a result.